CM Guide Software

CM Guide software is a condition monitoring guide mobile software, developed by Vibsens Company. By offering practical tools and information in the field of vibration analysis, this software assists a vibration analysis expert to analyze a rotary machine’s vibration. This software consists of following six sections:
  • Standards:
Using published standards for understanding the condition of a rotary machine is the basic of vibration analysis. CM Guide software gives access to standards like ISO-10816 and ISO 7919 which are the most common standards in this field. We have sorted different machines, so that the user easily uses the software and finds what he/she needs.
  • Fault Conditions:
There are faults which are common in rotary machines. There are some books, papers, and standards which focus on these faults and their characteristics. We have gathered this information and organized it, so that the user be able to detect these common faults, based on their characteristics.
  • Fault Frequencies:
Some frequencies are important when it comes to analyzing machines consisting of bearings, belts, gearboxes, electric motors, and pumps/fans. Calculating these frequencies is important, but time consuming. In Fault Frequencies section, we calculate these frequencies for you.
  • Condition Monitoring Applications:
Since vibration analysis and condition monitoring is an expensive service, selecting the machines which need this service is an important aspect of a manager’s duties. This section offers a general perspective and helps the managers to decide which machine should be monitored.
  • Condition Monitoring Systems:
Here we have introduced our condition monitoring, transmitters, vibration analysis, and measurement devices.
  • Measuring Tools:
Lastly, we offer some useful tools here which help in different application. Vibration Unit Calculator helps you to convert different vibration units to each other. Vibration Signal Simulator simulates a signal with constant amplitude in a desired frequency. Finally, Sound analyzer offers limited tools like FFT plot for sound analysis.