VC-210A Vibration module Signal Conditioner /Transmitter /Monitor

VC210A Vibration Monitor & Transmitter Module

VC-210A not only has the features of the above mentioned product VC-200A but also provides two separate relay outputs as Alarm and Trip, and also has a display which shows the overall vibration values and can transmit 4-20mA signal proportional to acceleration, velocity, or displacement to PLC/DCS or other recorders. Optional signal integration and status LED (OK/Alert /Danger) is provided for each module. Moreover, the ability to select alarm delay, bypass, latching or non-latching relays, energise and non-energised relays, Terminal for remote reset, Modbus RTU (RS-485) protocol communication are also supported in this device.

•  ICP® /Voltage/Current Transducer
•  Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement Output
•  Overall value 4-20mA Outputs
•  2 output relays fully configurable with software
•  Buffered acceleration output
•  ICP® transducer OK status LED
•  DIN Rail Mounting
•  Push-in type connectors
•  Energize and De-energize relay selection
•  Delay shutdown function
•  Supported Modbus RTU Protocol

Input :                                                                 100 mV/g constant current accelerometer (other sensitivities available)

Frequency Range  :                                     1 Hz to 10 kHz (-3dB) (Optional)

Filter:                                                                  Butterworth force filter order 8-pole

Dynamic Range :                                          80dB

Signal Conditioner :                                   Amplifier/integrator to obtain velocity or displacement response

Power :                                                              +24 V  DC at 50 mA

Outputs 1(4-20mA):                                  0-20 mm/s rms Velocity (other ranges available)

Output 2 (BNC) :                                         Buffered acceleration output without Bias voltage

Relays  :                                                            1 SPDT, 1A Form C 24Vdc

Statues LED :                                                4 LEDs Power, Loop, ICP, and relay

Above all :                                                       Cost effect Module

Communication Protocol:                    Modbus RTU

Configuration Software:                       Vibsens-CNFG

Communication Port:                             RS-485

Case Material :                                   Plastic
Mounting :                                            DIN Rail TS35 (Top  Hat)
Dimensions :                                       134 x 99 x 22.5 mm (H x D x W) including BNC
Connections :                                     Push in Clamp 
Conductor Size :                               0.5 to 4.0 mm
Weight :                                                110  g (nom)
Operating temperature range :                                 0 to 55 ºC 
Installation Category (IEC664) :                               II
Equipment Class (IEC536) :                                         III
EMC :                                                                                        EN61326-1:2013
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