Our Mission:

Our mission is to be a reliable long term solution partner with our professional products and professional technical team for customers from any sector suffering from vibration issues created by rotating machinery.

Value Proposition (VP) :

Our Values
  • Convenience: In the development of software and hardware, attention has been drawn to the fact that the convenience and simplicity of the project-repair and maintenance of equipping and reporting is carried out.
  • Celerity : The company’s geographic location as the only vibration measurement system manufacturer makes it possible the delivery- installation –commissioning and after sales services to be carried out in turkey and the surrounding countries at high speeds
  • Trust: 20 years’ experience in various industries and warranty obligations and VIBSENS as a local producer, these are the factors that will give the customer confidence.
  • Our Vision: Having the largest share of the market in condition monitoring systems and annually increase our share in the global market shared by the representatives.