V6000 Large Sized Machinery Protection System

V6000 system is a total solution for the vibration measurement and continuous on-line protection with condition monitoring (optional)  of medium to large sized critical plant machinery 

V6000 machinery protection system is a modular rack-based system developed for continuous machinery protection & condition monitoring platform designed to fully comply with American Petroleum Institute Standard 670 for machinery protection systems. Up to 30 vibration/position/speed inputs and 8 temperature/process variable inputs can be monitored and displayed in a single 19” rack.

The system measures and alarms on a wide variety of vibration, position, speed, temperature, and process variable inputs. All necessary monitoring functionality is provided using only four basic module types, simplifying spare parts requirements and making it customizable for every application.

Configurations available 
I) Vibration Protection System

Easy setup with V6000 configuration tool for performing protection monitoring of one or several machines.  
Measured values are shown on the local indicators and also transmitted to PLC/ DCS/ HMI with Modbus RS485 or 4-20 mA output. 
II) Protection & Conditional Monitoring

Connecting to condition monitoring and diagnostic software easily whatever. With V6000 there are no external modules, no additional wiring and no extra rack slots required. Simply use the Ethernet port in the V6000-G Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with our Vibsens-PRO software
Analogue Inputs :                                       -IEPE / voltage mode accelerometer
                                                                              -Proximity probe
                                                                              -Velocity Sensors
                                                                              -KeyPhasor®/ Tachometer
                                                                              -Any type of voltage or current output transducers
Input Channel :                                            4 up to 28 vibration channels, 2 keyphasor channels and up to 8 multifunction channels (4-20mA)
Input Connector :                                       ScrewTerminal
Signal Conditioner :                                  Amplifier/integrator to obtain velocity or displacement response by integration
Frequency Response :                             Acceleration and Velocity and Displacement: 2 to 10,000 Hz (In Factory Defined) Thrust / Position :DC 
Over Voltage :                                              2.5 V Pk-Pk
Input Voltage :                                             220 VAC
Analog Outputs :                                        Four 4-20mA outputs per card
Logical Outputs :                                        8 (4 Alerts, 4 Danger) per card , 1 malfunction
Relay Specification :                                 Form C, SPDT, 1 Amp 110 VAC,Latching or Non-Latching Selectable Normally Energized or Normally De-                                                                                                                            Energized (User Defined) Bypass Relay or Active Relay Selectable
Alarm Time Delay :                                   1 to 60 Seconds (User Defined)
Accuracy :                                                      1% Full Scale
Reset Function :                                                                                   Push Button /Terminal for Remote Reset if Latching Alarms Selected
Trip Multiply Function :                                                                   Terminal for None , variable 10 to 90% Alarm Trip multiply
Alarm Indication :                                                                               OK = Green LED, Alert = Yellow LED, Danger = Red LED
Dynamic Range :                                                                                 65dB
Local Indicators :                                                                                 Up to 20 parameters and adjusting configuration With 7Segment Front of Cards
Phase Linearity :                                                                                  (0.1 Hz to 10 kHz ) ±1 deg
Buffered Outputs :                                                                             2 type Buffered Outputs :With sensor offset / without DC
Detection Mode :                                                                                RMS, True Peak, True Pk-Pk
Resolution :                                                                                            12 bit
Sample Rate :                                                                                        Up to 4 KHz synchronous sampling
Communication with HMI :                                                          3 redundant Serial port RS-232/RS-485 Modbus RTU Protocol
HMI Software :                                                                                     Any standard HMI Software Like Wincc
Communication with CMS :                                                          Ethernet (10/100 base T) Vibsens Protocol
CMS Software :                                                                                    VibSenS-CMS
Measurement Units :                                                                        m/s2, mm/s, μm
Output Voltage For Eddy Current Transducer :               -24 VDC (Optional)
Standard communication :                                                            HMI Communication (Modbus RTU protocol (3port))
                                                                                                                       Modbus TCP/IP (optional)
                                                                                                                       Profibus (optional)
Housing :                                    Aluminum Alloy
Weight :                                      3.2 Kg
Dimension :                              426*277*259
Mounting :                                19” Rackmount
Protection :                                                       IP 55
Operating Temperature :                          -20°C, +60°C0 
Humidity :                                                          95% max without condensation
Monitoring Software :           HMI , Vibsens-CMS , VibsensRMDS (If diagnosis property active, these items will be used)
Electromagnetic Compatibility :                   EMC (IEC61000-6-2,IEC61000-6-4)
                                                                                          Safety (IEC61010)
1- Click here to download : VibroRack 6000 Catalogue
2- Click here to download : VibroRack 6000 Data Sheet
3- Click here to download : Gateway Card Catalogue
4- Click here to download : Vibration Card Catalogue
5- Click here to download : Multifunction Card Catalogue
6- Click here to download : Keyphasor Card Catalogue
7- Click here to download : Power Supply Card Catalogue

HMI Ports : 

- The V6000 System monitor supports Modbus® protocol via serial (RS232/485) for digital communications with PLCs , DCSs and other instrument and automation platforms. Key lockable to prevent unauthorized tampering.

CMS : 

- This 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet port streams all the input time signals a server computer which is used by Vibsens-Pro condition monitoring software. Data can then be shared for the network clients by the server.

VibroRack 6000 Gatway Card (6000/G) and Input/Output Card Data sheet  Download File  

Each V6000 machinery protection system may contain up to 7 vibration protection cards (V6000/V)
Input signals are connected to the card via back plane terminals.
Front panel keypad buttons are used to set the following settings for each card and each channel separately:

  • Transducer type
  • Measurement Unit
  • Alarm and trip set points
  • Nominal DC Gap etc.

 V6000/V cards are able to measure and monitor the following parameters:

Absolute bearing vibration (rms, Peak, Pk-Pk)
  1. Relative shaft vibration (rms, Peak, Pk-Pk)
  2. Shaft thrust position (axial measurement)
  3. Smax vibrations (according to ISO 7919 standard)
  4. Shaft eccentricity (DC gap measurement)
  5. Housing expansionX
VibroRack 6000 Gatway Card (6000/G) and Input/Output Card Data sheet  Download File  

V6000/M cards are used for monitoring quasi static signal inputs.

Sensors which can be used for this type of monitoring should be from one of the following categories:

  • Temperature (with RTD: Pt-100 type)
  • Any sensor with current output (4 to 20 mA) for process parameters such as flow rate, liquid level, etc.

Up to 8 sensors can be connected to each card for monitoring and protection. There are connection strips for each input and alarm / trip function outputs. All the terminal connections on V6000/M cards are screw terminals which accept wire sizes with cross section up to 1.5 mm2.

VibroRack 6000 Multifunction Card (6000/M) and Input/Output Card Data sheet  Download File  

V6000/K card is used for phase and speed analysis from tachometer inputs.

Up to 4 tachometers may be connected to each V6000/K card.
Signals from proximity probes / optical pickup / digital TTL / magnetic sensors are all supported.
This card enables speed protection and also send the phase speed data to Vibsens-Pro software.
It has dry relay outputs for machine protection.
For vibration phase analysis there must be only once pre revolution pulse while for speed measurement and control there may be multi pulse per revolution and should be set by the front panel key pad.

VibroRack 6000 Keyphasor ® Card (6000/K) and Input/Output Card Data sheet  Download File  

V6000P power supply card is to provide power to the system and at least one of them is mandatory.

One or two power supply cards may be installed in one rack.
If two are installed, one of them is considered to be redundant.

V6000/P cards accept both AC & DC power based on the ordering information filled.

Front panel LEDs show the operating status of the power supply for the rack.

VibroRack 6000 Power Supply Card (6000/P) Data sheet  Download File  

  • Vibsens-PRO CMS Condition Monitoring Software

Vibsens-PRO is a machine condition monitoring software that collects, stores, analyzes and is capable of transmitting machine status monitoring information over local or wide area network. It provides static, dynamic and transient data collection and analysis; such as graphical indication of overall vibration values, vibration long time trend, signal waveform, frequency spectrum, orbit plot, polar plot, waterfall, bode plots, cascade plots and much more. Vibsens-PRO may be run on Microsoft Windows® platforms connecting to various Vibsens vibration protection systems.
Additionally, it collects process data via Modbus from 3rd party hardware and monitors and stores data for further data processing. With its reliability, it not only can acquire the data from third party but also share its data with third party software and hardware.
Vibsens-Pro can be used as a client running on a PC with network access to server computer and processing offline historic data. Several Vibsens-Pro samples may be ordered for multiple users either for maintenance department performing vibration analysis or a sample just used as a general trend monitoring system.

6000 Vibsens-PRO CMS Condition Monitoring Software Data sheet  Download File