VC-200RD Reverse detector module Reverse detector /Stand still Indicator

VC200RD Reverse Detection Module

The VC200RD-Reverse Rotation Monitor provides an early indication of a reverse rotation event. It is particularly useful on machines such as pumps, hydraulic turbines, and compressors that can rotate in the wrong direction during process upset conditions and thereby damage the machine.

This signal conditioner is a zero speed/standstill monitor that accepts input frequency pulses and triggers an output when the frequency drops below a selected value.
Two startup override values are available. This unit can also be used to determine rotation direction. The available diagnostic LEDs show rotation detection, limit trip indicator, power on and hardware error indication.

•  Two speed inputs
•  Eddy current /magnetic/photo electric proximity transducer (TTL pulse)
•  Configurable trigger edge
•  Two output relays
•  Rotational direction indicator
•  Stand still detector
•  DIN Rail Mounting
•  Push-in type connectors
•  Energize and De-energize relay selection
•  Four LED indicators
•  2 KHz frequency response
Input :                                                      Analog/digital output speed transducer (Eddy current/ magnetic/photoelectric) 
Frequency Range  :                          0.1 Hz to 2 kHz  
Operating Mode :                             Reverse rotation & stand still protection
Stand still :                                            Adjustable (0.1, 0.5, 2, 10 Hz)
Reverse detection :                         Minimum overlapping ~ 125µs
Trigger edge :                                      Adjustable pulse level
Minimum :                                            > 200µs for standstiil
Pulse duration :                                 > 250µs for rotation direction
Power Input :                                     +24 V  DC (50 mA)
Relay 1 :                                                 Stand still
Relay 2 :                                                 Reverse rotation detection
Output Relays :                                 2 SPDT, 1A Form C 24Vdc
Status LEDs :                                      4 (Input 1/ Input 2 Stand still/ reverse rotation)
Case Material :                                   Plastic
Mounting :                                            DIN Rail TS35 (Top  Hat)
Dimensions :                                       134 x 99 x 22.5 mm (H x D x W) including BNC
Connections :                                     Push in Clamp 
Conductor Size :                               0.5 to 4.0 mm
Weight :                                                110  g (nom)
Power :                                                  1.5 W
Operating temperature range :                                 0 to 55 ºC 
Installation Category (IEC664) :                               II
Equipment Class (IEC536) :                                         III
EMC :                                                                                        EN61326-1:2013
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