High Performance Portable Data Collector

High Performance Data Collector

The VD-5 is a route-based data collector, compact, rechargeable, handheld, vibration meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 based measurements and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing an accurate vibration measurement. Included optional 1 / 2 stepinternal integrators for measuring velocity and displacement simultaneously. Features contain the ability to store up to 4000 time-stamped readings, including; overall values and time signal to transmit to computer for diagnostic analysis, all on an easy to read white graphic LCD display.


VD5 High Performance Portable Data Collector: Download PDF

Features :

  • NiMH re-chargeable cell pack typically 6 hours continuous use
  • User- selectable units and types Measurement
  • High visibility graphic LCD display.
  • RMS, peak or peak-peak readings and show in the free point of rout acceleration, velocity and displacement all three together
  • Route and off-route data acquisition
  • Data logging, save up to 4000 overall measurements
  • Overall value &spectrum in route
  • Advanced analysis software Vibsens-Pro
  • ICP™ sensor interface
  • ISO built-in Alarms
  • Data transfer to PC via USB and serial port.
Standard vibration transducer Accelerometer type CTC™ AC-102

Frequency range (+/-3db resonance frequency)



100mv/g max measuring range ±50g


-50oC … +121oC

Magnet holder, hand held or measuring pointer1m

Vibration input electrical specifications  
Maximum input signal Sensitivity, standardsettings

Current- and voltage supply totransducer

+/-2V Peak Accelerometer 100mV/g

+4mA constant current at max 24V

Measuring properties
Total vibration level:  

Selectableunits(Metric/Imperial)Overall type

Automatic  comparison with selectable alarmlevel

ISO 10-1000Hz

mm/s, um, mm, m/s^2, g in/s, mils,g

RMS, Peak,Pk-Pk

Yes, 1 limitvalue

Online Measurement Downloaded from the Vibsens-PRO PC-software
Including Total Vibration level of

Acceleration , Velocity ,Displacement

1 second  period time
Route Downloaded from the Vibsens-PRO PC-software
Memory capacity Approximately 1000 measuring points, including Total vibration level
Spectra Route        


Approximately 1000 spectra


Dynamic measuring range

processor Internal memory


Computer communication


Environment temperature while unit operating




Micro processor 40Mhz

64Mb Memory Card

128*64 pixels with background light

USB max 256 k baud/s

NiMH re-chargeable cell

-20oC … +50oC

105 x 201 x 41mm

400 grams including batteries