VC-200R Rod Drop Module Signal Conditioner / Transmitter /Monitor

Rod Drop Monitor and Transmitter Module

This module measures the piston rod drop for reciprocating machines and meets the requirements of API-670 providing all the features of VC210A with relay outputs as trip, and an on-board display to show the instantaneous value of rod drop values (either probe distance to rod or actual rider point). Besides that, VC200R has 4-20mA output signal which may be transmitted to PLC/DCS or any other standard recorder. Sensor error, Danger/ Alarm status , alarm delay, bypass, latching or non-latching relays, energise and non-energised relays are also provided. also Three measurement modes which consist from reference point, average mode and maximum drop point of piston rod. Just like other transmitters terminal for remote reset / Modbus RTU (RS-485) protocol communication is supported.



•  Displacement proximity probe
•  Keyphasor® signal
•  Rod Drop value 4-20mA Outputs
•  Measurement in 3 Mode Keyphasor® triggered Average Mode
Maximum drop point of rod 
•  sensor OK status LED 
•  DIN Rail Mounting
•  Push-in type connectors
•  Energize and De-energize relay selection
•  Delay shutdown function
•  Modbus RTU support
•  Installation Up/Downward position
•  Rotational speed display in RPM
Input type :                                      200mv/mils Displacement Sensor 
Displacement Sensor :             (Other sensitivities available) 
Measurement :                             Average, Max.Drop Point Keyphasor® Triggered 
Measurement Range :              0-2mm 
Keyphasor® Input :                   200mv/mils Displacement Sensor or photo Electric Sensor 
Power Input :                                +24 V  DC (50 mA) 
Output :                                            4-20 mA=  0-2 mm 
Adjustment potentiometer 
(in front of panel) :                     Adjustment of  zero point 
Relays :                                             1 SPDT, 1A Form C 24Vdc 
Status LED :                                   3 LEDs  RPM of Machine, Danger Relay, Sensor Error
Case Material :                                   Plastic
Mounting :                                            DIN Rail TS35 (Top  Hat)
Dimensions :                                       134 x 99 x 22.5 mm (H x D x W) including BNC
Connections :                                     Push in Clamp 
Conductor Size :                               0.5 to 4.0 mm
Weight :                                                110  g (nom)
Operating temperature range :                                 0 to 55 ºC 
Installation Category (IEC664) :                               II
Equipment Class (IEC536) :                                         III
EMC :                                                                                        EN61326-1:2013
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