The PVC-500Portable Vibration Calibrator is an ideal tool for checking accelerometers, velocity transducers, and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency and amplitude range. The unit is a compact, and completely self-contained vibration reference source, which can be conveniently used to calibrate individual transducers, vibration switches, and data collectors, as well as to validate the entire measurement & data acquisition of a condition monitoring or vibration protection system. An integrated precise quartz reference accelerometer and closed-loop feedback control system gives the PVC-5000 enhanced stability and superior vibration calibrationoveranextended10-1000Hz, continuously adjustable frequencyrange.

 PVC-5000 vibration calibrator combines sine signal generator, power amplifier, standard reference transducer and a shaker all in one package which is a small volume, high accuracy and easy to operate device. It can be used either in laboratory or on site and in the field.

It can be adjusted through potentiometers and has a digital display. Either horizontal or vertical vibration can be generated.


  • Small and completely self-contained, ideal for field check of accelerometers, velocity transducers and proximity probes,rugged and portable
  • Reliable device for calibration check of the transducers
  • Precise quartz reference accelerometer and conditioning electronics for superior control and stability


  • 4-20 mA vibration transmitters
  • Eddy current displacement probes / proximity probes
  • Moving coil velocity transducer
  • Condition monitoring & vibration protection system
  • Portable vibration meters andanalyzers


adjustable in the range 10 to 1280Hz ±0.01% Unit:

Acceleration :m/ s2  (PEAK) Velocity :mm/s (RMS) Displacement :µm (RMS)

Amplitude accuracy:

Acceleration: 30m/s2 Pk @ 80Hz, 40-320Hz range:+ 0.3dB + 1digit, 10-1280Hz range:+ 0.5dB +1digit

Velocity: 25mm/sec Pk @,80Hz) 40Hz to 320Hz range:+0.5dB +1digit

Displacement: 10μm Pk-Pk@ 80Hz, 40Hz to 320Hz range:+ 0.5dB + 1digit

Proximity probe linearity

Probe: 5mm and 8mm probes Range: 0~4.0mm

Display:1/2 digit display for acceleration, velocity or displacement