VC200T is a standalone analogue thrust position measurement & protection module which meets the requirements of API-670 for thrust (axial) position control and provides all the features of VC-200Aprotection system with the addition of relay modules and 4-20mA output for PLC/DCS or other standard 4-20 mA recorders.

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Cooling towers are a critical component of production in multiple industries today. They are used in power plants, chemical plants, refineries, food processing units and large buildings (HVAC).

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The wind energy industry faces a constant state of evolution because of challenges such as the pressure to be competitive with other types of energy production and the growing need to reduce operating and maintenance costs. 

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About Us

The VIBSENS Company is creation of a well-known technology which has been used since 2006 globally.

This technology is now much more powerful with the new design, new solutions and new software applications which is 100% produced in Turkey.

Our passion for vibration technology moved us to these days with the approved products, and developed one more time with a touch of VIBSENS brand.

Hannover Messe 2023

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What We Do

Customer training is very important to make sure that the customer becomes successful in using our products.
There are some customers which need once in a while vibration tests, modal analysis or balancing services.
We propose on site vibration measurement and damage detection services for companies which lack the knowledge and present technical reports about vibration condition of critical machinery of a company and possible malfunctions.
ISO 9001 certified companies have to perform periodical calibration tests on all their measurement devices including vibration measurement & protection systems
VibSens has prepared ready to perform technical solutions for vibration measurement & protection of various kinds of rotating machinery. 
VibSens Maintenance & Support services include both hardware maintenance and software support services.

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